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Creation: 10,500 gp.
1 major drawback for a feat, or 1 drawback for a trait is acceptable.

Notes: I will generate weather daily, this may be a problem. For sake of simplicity, this world uses our calendar year. Be prepared to deal with weather and natural hazards.

I don’t expect it to become a problem, but food and water should be mild concerns, with your resources this shouldn’t be terribly difficult. But be aware. Additionally maintaining firewood is good.
Keep in mind general cold weather gear.

Equipment you have currently: 1 cabin. 1 month’s firewood. 2 week’s jarred, smoked, and salted foods. Abundant water, frozen or otherwise. 1 nanny goat, 3 laying geese. 1 compass. a rowboat and your choice of either cart. These were the kindnesses that you were sent away with (cumulative) or happened to find at the distinctly abandoned cabin you choose.

Home Page

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