The Last Frontier

The Advent

on the foundations of cooperation

All characters originated from a town very like this one:

It’s a one church kind of town. The locals worship Vatun much like some might worship a volcano. By offering to it, perhaps it will not harm us.

Marv has his lot drawn for exile from his village when 3 children mysteriously die one per night. Each died of unknown causes. The village’s greatest healer was brought and could not identify their cause of death (+11 heal, unless someone in the group has better). When 2 more deaths over the next 2 days occurred, Valentine’s lot was drawn. The villagers grew even more restless, and when another child’s death occurs, they draw Ilppo lot, and he is exiled. Marv (found a thoroughly deserted cabin within 4 day’s travel from the town. Having gotten himself fairly well-situated, and identifying with his countrymen’s plight, he invited them to stay with him. However, at the moment, they are not entirely sure what’s about them. Securing the area and looking for more long term resources seems important. This is their cabin


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