The Last Frontier

On Claiming Land

Ettin, Tiger, Weretiger

Oct 15
Marv found Ilppo back from town. He apparently was kicked out for the same crime, he’s joined us at the nice cabin. He’s gathered some bed materials and made a couple of lean-tos for the livestock.

Oct 16
We spent some time clearing the immediate surroundings for farming. There’s a large lake 6 miles South-Southeast, we cleared a rough path to it. After procuring some fish for the day, plus about a day’s worth to smoke, an Ettin attacked us. In the future, we’ll keep the group together, battles were difficult without Marv, though Ilppo seemed to do OK with a little healing. We sent the Ettin packing with a warning to clear out

Oct 17
The next day we moved to return to the lake, but our journey was interrupted by a tiger a weretiger. They hurt us substantially, though we ate well that night.

Oct 18
Next morning came and and a red sun rose over us, Ilppo predicted today would be cold, possibly an early frost, and a little windy. What an understatement.


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